Mt Hikurangi, scared to the Ngati Porou people, is the highest peak in the East Cape region and the first place in the world to see the new day’s sunlight.

This region is the source of Mountain Harvest Honey. At Mountain Harvest our mission is to:

“Provide our customers with one of nature’s secrets, Manuka honey, produced by ecologically sustainable methods that minimise our environmental impact.”

The Mountain Harvest team place the hives in remote sites only accessible by carefully placed tracks that cause no ecological damage to our pristine forests; here the bees can forage deep in the manuka forests to collect the prized nectar.

At harvest time the beekeepers gently blow the bees from the combs and return them to our Gisborne base to extract the honey from the combs and put the honey into jars.

All Mountain Harvest Honey is collected from our small region so that travel and our carbon footprint are minimised.

All Mountain Harvest Honey is collected from our own hives. This guarantees that every jar of Mountain Harvest Honey can be traced back to the Manuka forest and hives that it came from.